Finding and maintaining older racquets

Just because your old racquet is reaching retirement age doesn’t mean you no longer like it. In fact, if you are playing with an older racquet, it’s probably because you really like it. The fact that it’s older, though, usually means that it’s getting a little beat up. Many players in this position dread the thought of having to find a new racquet that plays as well as their “old favorite.’

If you’re one of these players, you’re not out of luck. Let me know what racquet you're seeking, and what grip size you prefer. I am part of a network that includes thousands of other racquet technicians, many of whom are willing to sell their used, demo, and even new-old-stock (NOS) racquets.

I can even find bumperguards and grommet kits for older racquets. Just let me know what you want: Very often, I can find it. In almost every case, the prices are reasonable, so you can restore your existing equipment at very little expense. Don’t forget, I’ll install new bumperguards and grommets for free with a string job.

Note that this service is available only for my local clients. If you live out of the High Desert area, please contact a USRSA MRT or CS in your area, and ask them to help you along these lines.