Find your ideal string

I can also help you choose a new string. Based on my experience, I may be able to help you choose a new string just by knowing your game and what you are seeking. However, I can also measure the stiffness of the string bed of your freshly-strung racquet, and compare that against the values for other strings, to help you narrow down your focus more quickly.

I also have access to lab tests of most of the currently-available strings on the market. While lab tests don’t always directly relate to real-world performance, they are usually indicative. Therefore, once I know what string your are currently using, and what you want different in a string, I can help you with your choice.

Finally, I’m part of a large program that conducts blind playtests of strings. Oftentimes, the playtest samples are just coming out on the market, which gives me a preview of what’s coming. With the rapid advances in string technology we’re seeing lately, the latest and greatest string may be just right for you.

I regret to say that due to the high number of requests I’ve received over the years from stupid and sometimes rude time-leeches from around the world, I now perform this service for players here in the high desert only. If you need answers to your tennis questions and you don’t live close by, please contact a USRSA stringer in your area.